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Tax Lobbying

Countries budgets and tax laws change routinely. In many cases, those drafting the laws wish to be advised of anomalies or where clarity is not apparent or where unintended consequences occur. Individuals or smaller companies rarely have the expertise and depth or tax knowledge to provide their concerns, ideas, or requests within the framework or existing tax legislation in such a way that legislators can easily understand and use their input. We can provide an advocacy service. By placing the situation that you wish rectified, within its correct tax framework, and with a comprehensive discussion of the situation together with a proposed solution can significantly enhance the chance that the regulators will listen and that they will take favourable action. We can act for companies or individuals, but wherever possible, prefer to provide input from groups of similarly effective clients in what effectively becomes “class action” presentation. By telling the regulators clearly, concisely and within the full tax framework, can often provide the tax clarification that you need. We will be happy to prepare and present such cases.