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UK Tax Filing for Individuals

Individuals are required to file any UK sourced income and gains. Filing is not needed for UK citizens who are currently “non residents” without such income or gains. For UK citizens, one remains tax resident for income tax purposes unless one is absent from the UK for one complete UK tax year and with the intention to be away for at least two complete tax years. One remains tax resident for Capital Gains Tax purposes unless absent for five complete tax years.

Important Dates

31 January
Deadline for electronic tax filing, where filer calculates the amount of tax due
5 April
End of the UK tax year
6 April
Start of the UK tax year
30 September
Deadline for UK posted tax filing, and for filings where HMRC is required to calculate the amount of tax due

Online Filing Timeline

Tax Associates International is able to file online for UK taxes. We require complete documentation one month before the filing deadline. It may be possible to file successfully with complete documentation provided nearer the deadline, but this cannot be guaranteed. We, however, encourage you to contact us well before the deadline, so that we have ample time to complete your work to avoid late filing charges.

UK Tax Filing for Corporations

UK tax filing requirements vary with accordance with the gross turnover of the company. Companies with less than GBP 300,000 are termed small, with simplified tax filing. We can file for any size companies, but our target market are small and medium sized companies for whom we can provide cost effective tax preparation and filing services. We are particularly strong with regards to company that have operations in several tax jurisdictions as we have expertise in the application of double taxation agreements (DTA) in order to minimise the overall tax burden.
For UK companies with overseas operations or for companies with UK subsidiaries, we can combine corporate tax preparation and filing with efficient tax filing services for company owners and employees. We are licensed online filers with HMRC so that returns can be handled in a timely and cost effective manner.
Each company situation is different. Please contact us for a personalised discussion.

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