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Singapore Tax for Individuals

Tax filing is required for all Singapore-sourced income.

Important Dates

1 January
Start of Singaporean tax year
1 March
Deadline for Singapore employers to issue IR8, and if needed, 8A and 8B
18 April
Filing deadline for individual paper filing
31 December
End of Singaporean tax year

Tax Filing Timeline

Tax Associates International files Singapore taxes online. We require complete documentation two weeks before the filing deadline. It may be possible to file successfully with complete documentation provided nearer the deadline, but this cannot be guaranteed. We, however, encourage you to contact us well before the deadline, so that we have ample time to complete your work to avoid late filing charges.

It is also important to note that a Singpass number is necessary for Singapore filings. Singapss numbers may be obtained in person, or requested online. However, if requested online, it may take up to four days for the number to be posted to your home. We therefore ask that you get this number well before the tax filing deadline.

Required Documents

Please provide for us your Singapass number, your IR8 and, if appropriate, your 8a (benfits in kind), 8b, etc.

Singapore Taxes for Corporations

Singapore offers one of the simpler corporate tax filing regimes in the world. The tax filing year is the calendar year unless the corporation chooses its own corporate end at a different date. Tax filing is required within three months of either the calendar year end or the company’s accounting year end.
There is an advance filing requirement, which estimates how much tax is likely to be paid, which is due within one month of the year end.
We can provide cost effective tax preparation and tax filing services. We are particularly effective where a Singapore company has operations in other countries or where a parent company situated elsewhere has a Singapore branch or subsidiary, as we have considerable in house expertise on existing double taxation agreements (DTA) and their application.
We can negotiate advance rulings, undertake tax appeals, or provide expert witnesses for judicial cases.
Every company situation is unique. Please contact us for a personalised discussion.

External Reference

Internal Revenue Authority of Singapore
Worldwide Taxes – Singapore


Last updated: 14 Apr 2011