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Canadian Tax Filing

Individuals are required to file any Canadian-sourced income and gains. However, filing is not needed for Canadian citizens, who are currently “non residents” without such income or gains. Though one may still be resident, even if not physically present, if one has family in Canada, or if one is owning property there.

Important Dates

1 January
Start of Canadian tax year
30 April
Tax filing deadline for Canadian residents
30 June
Tax filing deadline for overseas Canadian individuals
31 December
End of Canadian tax year

Tax Filing Timeline

We require complete documentation one month before the filing deadline. It may be possible to file successfully with complete documentation provided nearer the deadline, but this cannot be guaranteed. We, however, encourage you to contact us well before the deadline, so that we have ample time to complete your work to avoid late filing charges.

External Reference

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Last updated: 14 Apr 2011