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Hong Kong Tax for Individuals

Individuals who are tax resident in Hong Kong on monies earned in Hong Kong or attributable to work done in Hong Kong. Earnings and gains demonstrably occurring outside of Hong Kong and with no connection to it should not be taxable in Hong Kong. We can help provide the necessary structuring and documentation to insure that those with earnings and gains outside of Hong Kong are correctly attributed to minimise local exposure.
We can prepare and file individual tax returns and property returns.
Accurate tax filing reduces tax due to its legal minimum. We can also work with clients with regards to tax planning to reduce exposure to future taxation. Please contact us for a personal discussion.
Taxes for Hong Kong are filed online.

Important Dates

31 December
End of Hong Kong tax year


Hong Kong Tax for Corporations

Hong Kong taxes the profits of Hong Kong registered companies. It may also tax the profits of companies registered elsewhere, but controlled from Hong Kong. We can assist in the preparation and filing of returns due for Hong Kong tax. We can negotiate advance tax rulings, undertake tax appeals and appear at tax tribunals in support of our clients.
Every company’s affairs are unique. Please contact us for a personalised discussion.

External Reference

The Government of Hong Kong SAR – Inland Revenue Department (IRD)
WorldWide Tax – Hong Kong


Last updated: 14 Apr 2011