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ICA: Company Compliance & Requirements


There are numerous tax, local and corporate compliance issues that each company must consider annually. International Corporate Advisory (ICA) can provide advice and service to make sure that you are complying with the various statutory requirements. We also work to ensure that they are documented properly in the event that you are ever audited. We will remind you of your annual meetings and renewal of annual business licences and should you require, even organise and minute them for you.


With ICA’s partnership with Tax Associates International (TAI), we further help to make sure that you are not overpaying taxes in any of the countries where you are doing business. We see many international companies operating well across several countries with efficient, local and independent support in each, but few of these companies actually evaluate the tax benefits or implications of these entities as a whole and structure these entities to their tax advantage. TAI’s expertise in cross-border tax advice and services can help your company save on taxes internationally.

Accounting & Auditing

With regards to accounting and auditing, ICA has ongoing relationships with a number of firms across the world, which our clients can choose from to help them in this area of work. However, unlike the big accountancy firms that offer corporate secretariat work as an added service, but require their clients to use their audit and accountancy facilities, our clients are free to select the audit and accountancy firms that they feel suit them best. While we work closely with partnering audit and accountancy firms, our advice and services are independent of any one of them.